• Our products the best quality
  • The products the best quality
  • Our wereHouse are ready for your orders

Our clients are:

  • Supermarket chains

  • Specialized wholesalers

  • Cash & Carry

  • Grocery Distributors


States we cover today

  • Washington DC

  • Houston Texas

  • New Jersey

  • New York

  • Georgia Atlanta

  • California

  • Seattle


Reasons why our clients preferred  doing  business with us

  1. We transmit confidence to our customers by giving them a personalized service from the moment we visit them to meet them personally until the moment they receive their products in the warehouse.

  2. Order delivery according to the date required by the customer.

  3. Dispatch products in good condition with a packaging and packaging suitable for customer management.

  4. We give marketing support according to the authorization of the companies we represent.

  5. We have a great diversity of Central American products.

  6. We offer manufacturers prices.

  7. Delivery of the product to your warehouse.

  8. Ease of handling a large number of products through a single supplier.

  9. Minimum order minimum, 1 pallet per product.

  10. We meet FDA requirements on all products.

  11. Personalized after-sales service.

  12. Efficient inventory management (avoiding inventories).